Mission Statement

‘To assist competitors to achieve their goals by providing consistent high quality coaching, and to foster participation in surf sports for the benefit of Sawtell SLSC  and Surf Life Saving.’


The latest carnival/competition calendar for the coming season can be found here: TBC




Club Championships

Club championships are held at Sawtell in accordance with the Club Policy on Club Championships. 

Branch Championships: 

Sawtell SLSC is a member of the North Coast Branch of SLS Clubs.   Branch champions for both seniors and masters are based on results from all carnivals in the competition season and are based on total points from each discipline (swim, board, iron person, ski, sprints and flags) combined.

Points are as follows: 1st 6 points, 2nd 5 points, 3rd 4 points, 4th 3 points,   5th 2 points, 6th 1 point

The open male and female branch champions can only be awarded to an open competitor between the age of 19 and 29 ONLY. They must be proficient and have the required patrol hours completed to be eligible.

Note however that the branch championship shield is only based on points given at the Branch Carnival.


Inter-branch Championships: 

Junior selection for the Inter-branch team is made from two carnivals at the beginning of the season with one being the Jetty Carnival.

Senior selection is usually made from two carnivals at the beginning of the season. To be eligible a person must be proficient and have undertaken the required number of patrol hours

Due to carnival date availability there may only be one carnival for selection and this will be decided by the Branch Surf Sports committee.  Therefore, club and branch calendars need to be checked.

Selection for both juniors and seniors will be based on a point score system as follows:-

1st 6 points,  2nd  5 points,  3rd  4 points, 4th  3 points,  5th  2 points,  6th  1 point with points being awarded for each individual discipline.

Water and beach points are separate (swim, board, iron person, ski, separate from sprints, flags)

In previous years 2 water and 1 beach competitor male and female were chosen from each age group, from the under 12’s through to open competitors. The U19 and open category has been combined for Inter-branch.

If a competitor is unable to attend the selection carnivals then a request can be submitted in writing to the branch giving the reason why they are unavailable and why they should be considered. This will be considered by the competition committee.

Country Championships

This is a very important carnival for all country clubs and members are urged to participate as Sawtell strives for a good club ranking.  This is a two day carnival with multiple events involving many team events.

NSW State Titles

Competition in these titles is extremely strong. The carnival is held over 3 weekends involving lifesaving events then junior age and finally masters and opens. Participation is encouraged especially from those members who have been training during the season.

Australian Titles (known as the Aussies)

This carnival is the premier lifesaving Carnival in Australia with competitors coming from all States. Competition is fierce and participation is encouraged from our strongest competitors or those who love participating and making new friends.


NCAS is a body dedicated to the advancement of athletes in their chosen sports.  It is intended to bring logistical and coaching information support together in an environment of like-minded persons.  It is open to athletes between 16 and 19 years, although there has been some flexibility in the past based on merit.

Athletes are nominated by their branches, and a panel of coaches make the final selections.  Selected athletes attend 3 camps in October, January and June/July, as well as various R.A.C.E meetings.


The Club Policy on Carnival Entry Fees can be found in the Club Member Area Policies.


All competitors/parents must be fully conversant with the Club’s Code of Conduct.

This document can be found via the following link. Sawtell SLSC Code of Conduct


The Club has several tents that are used on the beach at each carnival.  If we have large numbers then umbrellas are a good idea.  The Club tries to stick together as a team on the day.  Club skis and boards are available and will either be brought by the team manager if we have sufficient numbers, or loaned to individuals.  The Club has some competition-ready skis as well as several competition boards.

Address: Cnr Fourth & Second Ave., Sawtell, NSW 2452

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