Junior board  squad – 2 sessions per week.

Junior elite short board squad – 3-4 sessions per week.

Senior long board and ski – 5-6 sessions per week.

Junior Board Training. This takes place at 16.00 every Wednesday and 08.30 every Saturday at Coffs Jetty.

Junior elite and Senior Training.   Please note that the training programme is subject to change, and varies between the off season, pre season and season.

Any prospective new squad members should contact either:

 Senior squad Greg Russell.   Tel: 0409 786100;
 Junior elite Rob Lyons.   Tel: 0412 182469
 Junior Board Squad  Jo O’Leary.   Tel: 0418 865385
 Sprint training Kevin Clancy.   Tel: 0422 326032;
 Masters Training.   Masters training for Sawtell is held regularly throughout the season.  This is open to anyone over the age of 30 who is interested in training and/or competing in the master’s events at carnivals.  It’s a great way to keep fit and occupy your time, especially while the juniors are training.   Contact Sheena McTackett on 0423 022362 for more information.

Click here to access 2017 early season training programme.

TRAINING PROG 2017 (rev)


Courses are conducted both by Sawtell SLSC as well as North Coast Branch SLSNSW.

Where the course is conducted within the Club, information will be provided through email to members, newsletters to members and shown under the ‘Latest News’ section of the Club webpage.

As a guide, whilst the Club runs the following courses namely the Surf Rescue Certificate, Radio, Bronze Medallion/Cert 11 in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue), IRB Crew, IRB Driver, ATV Operator Induction and Resuscitation, the Branch conducts the following courses namely Advanced Resuscitation Techniques(AID), First Aid(AID), Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue, Silver Medallion Beach Management, RWC Operator, Training Officer Certificate and Assessor Certificate

For the Sawtell SLSC Education Calendar and information on upcoming courses… (Calendar updated 01Mar17), click on the following link:   EDUCATION CALENDAR 2017

For information on, and to register for upcoming courses run by SLS North Coast, please click on the following link and go to ‘Courses’:   SLS North Coast

SLSNSW is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 90394) and operates as the “Australian Lifesaving Academy NSW”. Both the SLSC and SLS North Coast Branch are part of the Australian Lifesaving Academy NSW, and conduct nationally accredited courses with qualified trainers, assessors, and facilitators.    For an overview of member education and training, click on the following link:   Member Training SLSNSW

For enquiries regarding any course please contact Chief Training Officer Andrew Martin via email:  or via phone: 0419 485 401.

For course overview, pre-requisites, RPL (if applicable) and more,  click on the following link and refer to the course of your interest:   Lifesaving Awards SLSNSW

Aquatic Rescue & Public Safety Awards

  • Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC).   Covers the knowledge of basic patrolling and surf awareness in order to be able to participate in basic lifesaving operations. This course is also the minimum water safety qualification for Junior Activity supervision.
  • Radio Operator.   Covers the skills and knowledge to perform basic communication practices.
  • Bronze Medallion / Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue).   Covers the knowledge of basic patrolling and surf awareness in order to be able to participate in lifesaving operations.
  • Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management.  Covers the skills, knowledge and experience to manage a beach in emergency and non-emergency situations.
  • Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue.   Covers the skills and knowledge to participate in search and rescue operations.
  • Gold Medallion – Covers advanced skills and knowledge to manage emergency situations in autonomous situations.

Powercraft Awards

  • All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Operator Induction.   ATV Operator Inductions are available for club members who are a minimum of 17 years of age, proficient in at least one SLSA Award and hold a current, valid NSW Driver License (provisional or above). If you are interested in participating in an ATV induction and you fulfil the requirements please contact your club’s Chief Training Officer.
  • Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Crewperson.   Covers with the skills and knowledge to effectively crew an IRB in surf rescue operations.
  • Silver Medallion Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Driver.   Covers the skills and knowledge to effectively drive and manage an IRB in surf rescue operations.
  • Rescue Water Craft (RWC) Operator.   Covers the skills and knowledge to effectively drive and manage a Rescue Water Craft (RWC) in lifesaving operations.

First Aid Awards

  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques.   Develops skills and knowledge to use oxygen, airway management devices, and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) during resuscitation, and to administer oxygen to conscious or unconscious breathing causalities.
  • Apply (Senior) First Aid.   Develops skills and knowledge to manage emergency first aid situations until professional medical support is available. This course is recognised by WorkCover NSW.
  • Pain Management.   Covers the skills and knowledge required to carry and administer Methoxyflurane.
  • Spinal Management.   Provides participants with the skills and knowledge to manage injured casualties with suspected spinal injuries in an aquatic environment and in emergency situations.