##  SLSNSW is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 90394) and operates as the “Australian Lifesaving Academy NSW”. Both the SLSC and SLS North Coast Branch are part of the Australian Lifesaving Academy NSW, and conduct nationally accredited courses with qualified trainers, assessors, and facilitators.    For an overview of member education and training, click on the following link:    Member Training SLSNSW

Courses are conducted both by Sawtell SLSC as well as North Coast Branch SLSNSW.

Where the course is conducted within the Club, information will be provided through email to members, newsletters to members and shown under the ‘Latest News’ section of the Club webpage.

As a guide, whilst the Club runs the following courses namely the Surf Rescue Certificate, Radio, Bronze Medallion/Cert 11 in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue), IRB Crew, IRB Driver, ATV Operator Induction and Resuscitation, the Branch conducts the following courses namely Advanced Resuscitation Techniques(AID), First Aid(AID), Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue, Silver Medallion Beach Management, RWC Operator, Training Officer Certificate and Assessor Certificate

For enquiries regarding any course please contact Chief Training Officer Andrew Martin via email:  or via phone: 0419 485 401.

For course overview, pre-requisites, RPL (if applicable) and more,  click on the following link and refer to the course of your interest:   Lifesaving Awards SLSNSW

Up and Coming Courses:

  • Proficiency Dates:

    • Sunday 27 September 2020         –              8am
    • Monday 5 October 2020                –              8am
    • Saturday 7 November 2020          –              8am
    • Sunday 6 December 2020             –              8am

    Members are required to complete the annual skills maintenance online component prior to attending any practical session due to recent changes to the Bronze / SRC.

  • Silver Medallion IRB Drivers – commencing 16 August 2020
  • Bronze Medallion (full) – commencing 11 October 2020 – 10.30am – training room – information season – Cost: $125.00 – covers two years membership,
  • Bronze Medallion (SRC upgrade only) – 29 September 2020 – 4 day intensive



The SLSA Age Managers course has been developed to assist members in their role as an age manager. It will allow them to develop a greater knowledge about how SLS operates and provide them with the skills and knowledge to assist them in the successful coordination and delivery of the Nippers’ program.


Participants must meet ALL the following conditions to commence training:

➢ be a minimum of 15 years old

➢ have completed the relevant state/territory legislation check(s) for working with children

➢ be a financial member of a club.


  • Contact your club’s Chief Training Officer. They will assign you an age manager mentor and outline course delivery options.
  • Complete the online SLSA Age Managers course which covers the theory component of this course.
  • Present your age manager mentor with a copy of the online course completion certificate (if you completed online).
  • Undertake an on-the-beach technical session with an age manager mentor. This technical session can include time with a foundation coach.
  • Undertake a minimum of two (2) on-the-beach mentoring sessions with an age manager mentor to complete a required third-party form.
  • Have an age manager mentor (third-party) sign off on your third-party form within your age manager assessment portfolio.
  • Return your signed third-party form to your club’s Chief Training Officer. They will collate and return all age manager documentation to your local branch or state office as applicable.

Aquatic Rescue & Public Safety Awards

  • Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC).   Covers the knowledge of basic patrolling and surf awareness in order to be able to participate in basic lifesaving operations. This course is also the minimum water safety qualification for Junior Activity supervision.
  • Radio Operator.   Covers the skills and knowledge to perform basic communication practices.
  • Bronze Medallion / PUA20119 Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue.

Cost: $125.00 – includes 2 years membership, award and uniform

Access to the SLSA Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue (35th edition) training manual (PSAR35) – The electronic (online) version of PSAR35 can be purchased through the SLS Members Store for $10.00 and accessed through the SLS Publications app.


The aim of this course is to provide participants with skills and knowledge related to surf awareness, aquatic rescue operations, radio operations, resuscitation, emergency care, spinal management, communication, teamwork and Surf Life Saving patrol operations. This award includes and builds upon the SLSA Surf Rescue Certificate, and it is the prerequisite award for many other SLS pathway awards.


To commence training for the Bronze Medallion you must:

      • be a financial member of an SLS club
      • be at least 15 years of age on the final assessment date
      • complete an unaided swim of 400 m in 9 minutes or less (goggles and masks permitted) in a swimming pool of not less than 25 m, or over a measured open water course which will be observed prior to you undertaking any water training or assessment activities. Evidence of this must be provided to the assessor prior to commencement of the assessment for this qualification/SLSA award.
  • Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management.  Covers the skills, knowledge and experience to manage a beach in emergency and non-emergency situations.
  • Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue.   Covers the skills and knowledge to participate in search and rescue operations.

To commence training for the Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue course you must meet the following course prerequisites:

      • be at least 16 years of age on the date of final assessment
      • complete a 400 metre swim in 8 minutes or less in a pool of no less than 25m length
      • hold and be proficient in the SLSA Bronze Medallion (and hold the Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Search and Rescue)
  • Gold Medallion – Covers advanced skills and knowledge to manage emergency situations in autonomous situations.

First Aid Awards (have removed Spinal Management as this is now part of bronze – this to be removed prior to uploading)

Advanced Resuscitation Techniques.   Develops skills and knowledge to use oxygen, airway management devices, and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) during resuscitation, and to administer oxygen to conscious or unconscious breathing causalities.

Apply (Senior) First Aid.   Develops skills and knowledge to manage emergency first aid situations until professional medical support is available. This course is recognised by WorkCover NSW.

Pain Management.   Covers the skills and knowledge required to carry and administer Methoxyflurane.   To commence training for the Pain Management Certificate you must meet the following entry requirements:

  • be at least 18 years of age on the date of final assessment.
  • be a financial member of an SLS club.
  • meet your state licensing requirements of Schedule S4 drugs.
  • be proficient in the SLSA award: Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Cert.
  • hold the following units of competency: HLTAID003 Provide first aid; HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation.

Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid.   To commence training for the SLSA Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid you must meet the following entry requirements:

  • be at least 15 years of age on the date of final assessment.
  • be a financial member of a club.
  • be proficient in the following SLSA awards: Advance Resuscitation Techniques Certificate; Spinal Management Certificate.
  • hold the following units of competency: HLTAID003 Provide first aid; HLTAID007 Provide advanced resuscitation.  (Holding a current SLSA Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate is an acceptable alternate to HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation).

Skills Maintenance

Members are encouraged to complete their skills maintenance online  (negates printing of workbooks, answer sheets, certificates).

Resuscitation Award – HLTAID001 – Annual proficiency

Several members have asked the questions as to why their Resuscitation Award (HLTAID001) had not been updated on their Members Award list. I have received the following correspondence:

Any member within SLSNSW who uses their HLTAID001 for patrols and use within SLS does not require the reissue of the qualification annually – their skills are maintained through their annual skills maintenance.

Any members wishing to hold a current HLTAID001 statement of attainment (e.g. if it is required for their workplace), may do so by successfully sitting the full assessment and having this processed as a new assessment request, for the unit of competency only. As this is not a requirement of SLSNSW, they would be charged the assessment certificate cost. It is up to the club/branch to decide if these costs are transferred to the relevant member/s or not.

 Due to this, the Club is offering to any member wishing to hold a current HLTAID001 statement of attainment for work purposes will need to complete a separate assessment including a written and practical assessment.  Cost of this will be $30/member. This covers the cost of material and statement of attainment.  The club will issue a receipt so that the member can claim as a work expense.

If you require this, please contact the Chief Training Officer via email –

 If a member completes the skills maintenance online, the Chief Training Officer gets an automatic notification and a copy of the certificate.

Please click on the relevant link/s below for further information:

In-depth Proficiency Process

Andrew Martin

Chief Training Officer

Sawtell Surf Club