Life Members & Distinguished Service

Life Members

This page recognises our Life Members who have all given selflessly of their time over the period of their involvement within the Club. Each of these individuals has been recognised for their hard work and personal contributions and has been awarded life membership of Sawtell Surf Life Saving Club. Some of these members are still active within the Club today.

Sawtell SLSC Life Members

Alan (Nuggett) Hobbs (Deceased)

Ossie Sawtell (Deceased)

Alf Wood (Deceased)

Jim Worland (Deceased)

Bill Wood (Snr) (Deceased)

Alan Scope (Deceased)

Bill Singleton OAM (Deceased)

Bok Rowe (Deceased)

Mal Chaffey

Roy Holloway (Deceased)

David Jones (Deceased)

Barry Burgess (Deceased)

Pam Worland

Terry De Carle

Reg Wooderson

Barry Roby

Jim Howton

Steve Kelly

Brian Bayliss

Graham GeeĀ (Deceased)

Kevin Clancy#

Bruce Macphail

Ian Dellar#

Kerry Clancy

Graeme King

Dennis Meagher

Bill Wacher

Peter Hirth#

Cheryl Lane#

Mick McGavigan

Stephen Rayson#

Neil Robertson#

Andrew Martin#

Greg Russell

Distinguished Service

A Distinguished Service Award may be awarded to a member who has given extraordinary service to the Sawtell SLSC or who has performed a meritorious rescue.

Sawtell SLSC Distinguished serviceĀ 

Genevieve Dellar

# – Denotes a current patrolling member.

The Club acknowledges the commitment and dedication of the Life Members over the past years.