Membership Fees 2023-2024

Members are requested to ensure they are registered in the most appropriate category for their needs. 

NOTE: Please reference your payment with full names and membership type

* A discount of $10 will apply to all patrolling members if renewed and paid before 30 September 2022.

The membership categories listed are as per the Club By-laws, Revised 2022.

Primary Category Sub-CategoryDescriptionFee
Active Active Membership (15 – 18+)
Holder of Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate.   Must be proficient and be an active patrol member.
Reserve Active Membership
Members who have completed at least 8 years of patrols.   Must be proficient and perform a minimum number of patrols at the discretion of the Committee.   Application to be made annually and granted by the Committee.

Award Membership.
Members who hold a recognised Surf Lifesaving award other than a Bronze Medallion/SRC and are an active patrol member

AssociateAssociate Membership
A member who may or may not hold an award but does not undertake patrols. 

Probationary Membership
This designation is used for members who are in the process of undertaking awards (eg. Bronze Medallion) (Includes 2 years’ membership fees)

General Membership.
General Membership may be granted to any person. Such membership does not allow for use of any club facility and would be appropriate to a parent or guardian of a “Nipper” not wishing to use Club facilities.

Leave Restricted Membership
Members unable to temporarily fulfil their obligations to the Club may apply in writing with full details to the Committee.   The Committee at its discretion may grant leave of absence to the member.

HonoraryLong Service Membership.
Members who have completed ten years active service.   These members are exempted from patrol obligations.   Application to be made annually and granted by the Committee

Honorary Membership.
Honorary membership may be granted to any person deemed satisfactory to the Committee.  Such membership is conferred by a vote of 75% majority of the Committee.

Past Active Membership
May be granted to a member who has held a Bronze Medallion and been an active patrol member for a minimum of 3 years.

Life Membership.
Members with 15 or more years membership being recognised by the Club as meeting “distinguished service” criteria.

Juniors Junior Activities Membership
A member who is a minimum age of 5 years up to a maximum of 13 years (as at 1st October).    At least one parent or guardian must be a current member of the Club.  General Membership – $60 (One parent or guardian)
U6’s & U7’s – $75. For other age groups – $130.
U6/U7 $75

Cadet Membership
A member under 15 who has obtained the as the Surf Rescue Certificate or has passed an annual SRG proficiency test and is an active patrol member.

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