Transfer of Membership

NB: Transfers are no longer handled via paper forms.

Transfers should be initiated by the member via the ‘Lifesaving Online’ tab within the Members Portal or by either the ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ club via ‘Surfguard’.

The link is


Summary of Transfer Process

  • There are 3 types of transfers; ‘Full’, ‘Competition Only’ and ‘Non-Competition’.
  • Members can transfer in or out of the Club/entity and this can be initiated by the member via the Portal.
  • Transfers release/make available member records to/from SLSA entities. (i.e. Clubs, Branches etc.)
  • Membership requirements of each entity are a separate process.  i.e. Membership Applications and payment of fees etc. are handled in the normal manner by each entity.


Transfer Pitfalls

Unfortunately, there is a glitch in the system in that once a transfer is ‘accepted’ by the ‘winning’ club in Surfguard, the member is automatically registered for the current season, regardless of their membership status with any SLSA entity. i.e. They may/may not be a current financial member and therefore not insured.

Clubs/Entities generally handle this in one of two ways:

  1. Leave the Transfer request as pending, until the member meets the ‘winning’ entity’s membership requirements. i.e. completion of Membership Application and payment of fees.
    NB: With this option, the ‘winning’ entity cannot make contact with the incoming member as the records are not yet available to them. Therefore, the member must contact the winning club to apply for membership.
  2. Accept the Transfer in Surfguard and back date the membership (to previous season) until the ‘winning’ entity’s membership requirements are met.
    NB: With this option, the records become available and presuming the email address and/or phone number are correct, the entity (our Club) can make contact with them in order to fulfil their membership obligations.

NB: If a member pays their membership before initiating a Transfer Request, they will be registered as a member with SLSA however, the money may go to the losing club.  


Transfers Out

Outbound transfers are much simpler in that the ‘losing’ club/entity need only release the member. This is normally a formality once any outstanding debts have been cleared and any club property is returned.


Best Practice for Transfers

If you are wanting to transfer your SLSA membership from one club to another, it is best to make contact with the winning club and be sure to meet their membership requirements.