Team Sawtell at Aussie Youth and Aussie Masters 2017

by Team Manager (and competitor) Sheena McTackett.   


Sawtell were proud to field a team of 6 Youth competitors and 1 Masters competitor  in the Aussie Youth and Masters Titles at North Kirra Beach last weekend on 25-27 March.

Aussie Youth is an event exclusively for the Under 14 and Under 15 age groups featuring individual events (for our guys swim, board, Iron) and team events (board relay, cameron and board rescue) – and a great opportunity to compete against the best surf sports competitors in the nation.

Our team put in a very gutsy effort, and while we didn’t come away with any medals all the kids exceeded their own and their coaches expectations with impressive performances.  The best result of the meet for Sawtell was Alyssa Golding who put in a stellar effort to make it through to finals in the board.  This is an outanding achievement in itself. Our U15 Female Surf team of Libby Waugh, Kate Murray, Emily Meacham and Alyssa Golding saw this event as a good race experience opportunity, the U15 female board relay team  of Aoife Carey, Alyssa Golding and Kate Murray put in a valiant effort, making it to semi-finals. In the Cameron  Libby Waugh, Aoife Carey, Kate Murray and Alyssa tried out a different combination to be eliminated in first round and the female board rescue combinations of Murray/Meacham and Golding/Carey made it to Semi and quarter final respectively.

Lochie Golding as our sole male competitor up against a strong field in the U15 Male Board race just missed out on making Quarter final but remained loyal to the cause of supporting his team mates and addressing the gender imbalance

A big thank you to coaches Kevin Clancy and Greg Russell for providing support and guidance; to the parent cheer squad for providing moral support, food, sustenance and an endless supply of jelly lollies and to Harry Waugh who scored the best prize of Ironman autographs on his new Aussies cap.  Special thanks to Goldings and Greg for transporting and erecting the shelters for the teams.

Competing in the Masters events was an eye opener for a rookie like me.   I was amazed and impressed by a strong contingent of competitors in every age group (the biggest numbers in the 40-50 age groups).  I was pleased to place 7th in both board and swim and proud to have a loyal Sawtell squad to cheer me on (thanks Goldings and Kate!).  I will cherish my bright yellow lycra vest for ever …..

The kids (and I) are inspired after a great weekend and motivated to train even harder for next year’s event in Perth.