About Nippers

Nippers is a fun, activity-based program that teaches kids valuable surf skills, knowledge and awareness in a safe beach environment. On the way, kids make new friends, build their confidence and have the opportunity to compete in fantastic beach and surf events.   A Surf Rescue Certificate is awarded to all Nippers who successfully complete the program (at U14 level), allowing them to participate in Surf Life Saving patrols.  With further training Nippers can also become qualified surf lifesavers.

Parent Responsibility 

If your child is participating in a nippers activity or training session, you must be on the beach near to where the coach/Age Manager can find and speak with you should the need arise.   The only exception to this is:

  • when that child has completed their Surf Rescue Certificate, or

  • the Age Manager/coach has given express permission.

Working with Children Check:

Some adult member positions must have a Working With Children Check before engaging in activities with nippers.   Click below for information.

2019 SLSNSW Working with Children Check Requirements


Sawtell Junior Member Handbook

Click below for everything you need to know about being a nipper or nipper-parent.

Junior Member Handbook Sawtell Nippers – Season 2021-22

Join or rejoin Sawtell Nippers Online

If you’d like to join Sawtell Nippers (as a Nipper or Parent), you’ll need to become a ‘member’ of the Club and Surf Life Saving Australia, which you can do online.    Click on the link… Join/Rejoin SLSA and Sawtell SLSC and follow the prompts.

If you’d like to re-join Sawtell Nippers (renew your membership), you’ll need to go to the same link and follow the prompts.

All new and returning Nippers will also need to successfully complete a preliminary skills evaluation by attending one of the  supervised pool swims, and will need to bring proof of age, swimmers and goggles. There is no recreational swimming at these evaluation sessions.

You may need these links too:

SLSNSW Active Kids_step by step guide



The Nippers Event Calendar:

Click on the link below for the calendar of events for the season (n.b. event dates do occasionally change)

Nipper 2021 2022 Calendar

Need more information?

For further details about Nippers registration including starting age, age categories, pool swim certificate requirements, merchandise and fees please contact:

Alex Fraser (Nippers Registrar)
Mobile: 0447 572 850
Email: afraser21@bigpond.com

Join Sawtell Nippers this summer and gain skills that will stick to the soul like sand from the beach.

Important! Given the environment in which we undertake our activities it is mandatory for the Preliminary Evaluation swim and Registration to be completed prior to any Nipper activities being undertaken.

Nipper News

For the latest ‘Nippers News’, read the Club’s monthly Newsletter on this website.   Go to.. News.. then… Newsletters.

The Sawtell Nippers APP

Sawtell Nippers now has its own App. For further information click the following:
team app

Sawtell Nippers AGM – Minutes

AGM 2021 Minutes

AGM 2020 Minutes

AGM 2019 Minutes

AGM 2018 Minutes amended

AGM 2017 Minutes

The Nippers Committee

‘Nippers’ is actually run by a sub-committee of the Club and is more formally known as the Sawtell SLSC Junior Activities Sub-Committee (JASC).    The current committee members for the 2019-20 season are:

Chairperson – Tiffany Easman

Vice Chairperson – Rich McKeon

Secretary – Anita Williams

Treasurer – Jo O’Leary

Registrar – Alex Fraser

Beach Superintendent – David O’Leary

Water Safety Coordinator – Vacant

Publicity Officer – Vacant

Sponsorship Coordinator -Vacant

Competition Manager – Vacant

Gear and Maintenance Coordinator – Dave O’leary, Garth Lewis, Mark Mulholland.

Clothing Coordinator – Jane Ryan

Social Coord – Vacant

Awards Coordinator – Vacant

Age Managers

U6 – Kate Wood

U7 – Russ Day

U8 – Julie Doust, Naomi Little

U9 – Erin Powell, Amber Carle

U10 – Tiffany Easman, Andrew Doust, Shaun Powell

U11 -Rich McKeon, Caroline Dunphy, Carney Peters, Jody Jenkins

U12 -Matt Ryan, Bob Aspden

U13 – Mark Mulholland, Luke Williams, Becc Wark

U14 – Andrew Martin, Julie Dart, Jo O’Leary

Inclusion – Lyn Hastings, Sheena McTackett