Gabe Wark – Winner of the Sabrina Tisdell award for 2018.

At the Sawtell Presentation Evening of 19 May 18, SLSC was proud to announce the winner of the  Sabrina Tisdell Award for 2018 – Gabriel Wark from the U9s .  Here’s the nomination brief by his Age Manager, Mark Mulholland.

Gabe Wark has been an enthusiastic participant for his age from his first day and carries his enthusiasm to club days and carnivals alike.   Gabe may not always place in his events at carnivals, however he has grown over the past season and all the way through has shown his sportsmanship and offered a handshake at the end of a competition without prompting.
Gabe has a passion for the SLS and loves to explain how the events work to others in a way that does not put anyone down or talk himself up. He is a well-rounded Nipper who is a promoter for our sport and shows how much fun can be had while competing.
I wish Gabe well with his nomination for the Sabrina Tisdell Award I am proud to have Gabe as an example of our U9 group for 2017/18″.

Mark Mulholland

Age Manager U9s