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Mission Statement

‘To assist competitors to achieve their goals by providing consistent high quality coaching, and to foster participation in surf sports for the benefit of Sawtell SLSC  and Surf Life Saving.’


The new carnival/competition calendar (Juniors, Seniors & Masters) for the 2016/7 season can be found here:

Calendar currently unavailable – please refer SLSA and SLSNSW websites.






Club: Club championships are held at Sawtell – points scored for each individual in an Age Group are combined over water and beach. To be eligible to win an age group or open, you must compete in at least one water event.  Last year it was the swim.

Interbranch:  Junior selection is usually made from two carnivals at the beginning of the season, one is always the Jetty Carnival.  Senior selection is usually made from two carnivals at the beginning of the season.

Due to carnival date availability there may only be one carnival for selection and this will be decided by the Branch Surf Sports committee.  Therefore, club and branch calendars need to be checked.

Selection for both juniors and seniors will be based on a point score system as follows:-

1st 6 points,  2nd  5 points,  3rd  4 points, 4th  3 points,  5th  2 points,  6th  1 point.

These points are applicable for each individual discipline.

Water and beach points are separate (swim, board, ironperson, ski, separate from sprints, flags)

In previous years, 2 water and 1 beach competitor male and female were chosen from each age group, from the under 12’s through to open competitors.

They must be proficient and if applicable have the required patrol hours completed.

If a competitor is unable to attend the selection carnivals then a request can be submitted in writing to the branch giving the reason why they are unavailable and why they should be considered. This will be considered by the competition committee.

Branch Championships:  The branch championships (a competition between Clubs in the North Coast Branch) are taken over all carnivals in a competition season. (They do NOT include interbranch selection carnivals)  Selection for both seniors and masters are from all carnivals in the competition season and points are made up of the following: (this needs to be clarified)

1st  6 points,  2nd 5 points,  3rd 4 points,  4th 3 points,   5th  2 points,  6th 1 point

These points are totalled for each discipline, water and beach together (swim, board, ironperson, ski, sprints, flags).

The open male and female branch champion can ONLY be awarded to an open competitor between the age of 19 and 29. They must be proficient and have the required patrol hours completed to be eligible.

Branch Championship Shield: The branch shield is only based on points given at the Branch Championship Carnival.

Country:  Usually held early in the year at varying locations.   In 2016 and 2017 it was held at South West Rocks in early February.  It is a very important carnival for our country club, and Sawtell placed second overall in 2017 – our best ranking yet.  There are multiple events with lots of team events. This is a 2/3 day carnival and any competition-eligible member may participate from U8 and up.  Accommodation can be difficult to source – it pays to book early.

State: A 2-week carnival, although it is broken up into various categories with the Age Championships category being conducted over 3 days.   In 2017 it is being held at Swansea/Belmont SLSC.  Accommodation can be difficult to source – it pays to book early.  Maximum attendance is encouraged at this carnival.  At time of writing, Sawtell juniors managed to achieve sufficient points to achieve 14th place in more than 50 Clubs, making Sawtell the top Country Club for NSW.

Aussies: The Australian Titles.  For Seniors, events are from Thursday to Sunday.  There are celebration functions on Sunday night and “Mad Monday.”  We recommend arrival no later than the Tuesday before the carnival.  Accommodation can be scarce, depending on the location.  In 2017 it is being held at North Kirra.

Manly/Freshwater: Traditionally very large carnivals held on Australia Day at Freshwater and the weekend before at Manly.

Academy: North Coast Academy of Sport is a body dedicated to the advancement of athletes in their chosen sports.  It is intended to bring logistical and coaching information support together in an environment of like-minded persons.  It is open to athletes between 16 and 19 years, although there has been some flexibility in the past based on merit.

Athletes are nominated by their branches, and a panel of coaches make the final selections.  Selected athletes attend 3 camps in October, January and June/July, as well as various R.A.C.E meetings. 

Other Carnivals: Some competitors may elect to go to Queensland for the “Coolangatta Gold.”  This is an endurance event for open male/female and U19 male and teams.  It is early in the season and the training needs to be specific through the winter.

Queensland Endurance Championships:   TBA (~October)

Their main series is the “E-Toll” Assault series, which is spread over several carnivals with a final series. Remember if you compete out of branch/state you require signatures from branch /state to go with your entry.



The Club Policy on Carnival Entry Fees can be found in the Club Member Area Policies. If you have any question please contact the Club Competition Manager ……………………………..



We have several tents that are used on the beach at each carnival.  If we have large numbers then umbrellas are a good idea.  We try to stick together as a team on the day.  Club skis and boards are available and will either be brought by the Team Manager if we have sufficient numbers, or lent to individuals.  We have some competition-ready skis and competition boards.



The selection committee will be made up of the club coach, competition captain and three people appointed by the committee.  These people by preference should be committee members or masters competitors for teams events who have first hand knowledge not just hear say.

Teams will be chosen prior to carnival time and not on the day for all major carnivals i.e. Country, State, Aussies, etc.

Competitors chosen for teams are to be made well aware that they have a commitment to the team and the club to participate in the team events as chosen. If a competitor decides at the carnival not to compete for no other reason than they don’t want to or that they want to compete in another event, then they forfeit the right to compete in the individual events as well.  If it is a major carnival where the competitor pulls out of a team then it would be the next major carnival that the competitor is not permitted to compete in individual events but is to compete in teams events as chosen.  If a competitor is sick and unable to compete in a teams event then no penalty is imposed as long as it is genuine.

If selections are made and finalised prior to final entry dates for major carnivals, it may mean fewer issues at the carnival.

The selection committee may deem it beneficial for the club and the entire team’s result to select a team with younger competitors competing up in older age brackets rather than their own age group for the best possible result.  If an under 14 male or female is chosen in an older age group team event their priority is with the under 14 team event first before any other age group.




Junior training

This takes place at 16.30 every Wednesday and 09.00 every Saturday at Coffs Jetty.

Senior Training
Please note that the training programme is subject to change.


Any prospective new squad members should contact either:

Greg Russell  – Tel: 0409 786100;  Email:,  or

Kevin Clancy  – Tel: 0422 326032;  Email:


Masters Training

Masters training for Sawtell is held regularly throughout the season.  This is open to anyone over the age of 30 who is interested in training and/or competing in the masters events at carnivals.  It’s a great way to keep fit and occupy your time, especially while the kids are training.

Regular schedule for Masters training is as follows:

  • Saturday      08.30 – 10.30 at Jetty beach
  • Tuesday       06.00 – 07.00 at Sawtell beach
  • Wednesday  16.30 – 18.00 at Jetty beach

Jetty sessions include some Ski training/coaching.

Masters are coached by Greg Russell, Kevin Clancy and Rob Lyons.

Contact Sheena McTackett on 0423 022362 for more information.



Skis- In order to preserve our skis, access is limited to persons authorised by the club captain, competition captain, or coaches.

Boards-  boards are locked in the lower storeroom.  These can only be accessed by request as above.