Community Benefit Schemes

Community Benefit Schemes resulting in on-going fundraising

Sawtell SLSC is fortunate that there are many local businesses prepared to assist not-for-profit organisations such as our Club in various ways.

Their support is greatly appreciated and we encourage our members to support them.


Amart Sports offer an amazingly generous benefit when our members (or anyone in the community) sign up for their kickbacks scheme.  The Club accumulates a tally of credit points that converts to cash that the Club can redeem in kind in the store – which means we can get free equipment, or purchase big ticket items such as go pros, fit bitz etc for raffling.  The Club has already redeemed thousands of dollars of value from this scheme – buying boards, game equipment and items for raffling.  Signing up is beneficial to  members as well. It gives access to our diverse Member Offers, and our range of in-store services including the lifetime mechanical tuning of our bicycles! The 30 seconds of your time taken to sign up benefits everyone.
Amart Coffs Harbour


BCU (Community Saver Accounts)
Consider opening up a BCU Community Saver Account when you undertake your banking and nominate Sawtell SLSC as your preferred sporting group.
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Under their Locals helping Locals program Coffs Harbour Real Estate will likewise donate $300 for any residence listed and sold by them. Please nominate our Club.
CH Real Estate


When shopping at Ritchies if you buy using a community benefit card/tag linked to Sawtell SLSC then Ritchies will donate money back to the club. These cards/tags can be used at ANY Ritchies store throughout VIC, NSW and Qld by members and their families.
If you don’t already have a CB card/tag please collect one from the club (these are already linked to Sawtell SLSC and ready to use) or alternatively you can collect one at the checkout next time you shop at any Ritchies store, to use every time you shop.  All you do is nominate Sawtell SLSC, it’s that easy! This is an easy way for us to raise funds for the club with no costs involved.


McGrath will donate $500 to the Club for any member who lists their residence for sale through their agency and the residence is sold by McGrath. Please nominate our Club.
McGrath Sawtell



We’ve proudly supported surf life saving for over 30 years. We support surf life saving from the Central Coast to the Queensland boarder, assisting surf life saving branches and clubs purchase essential safety equipment, perform volunteer patrols and provide training and leadership programs to nurture our surf life savers of tomorrow.

With a focus on junior surf life saving, we’re helping sustain the future of surf life saving in our community. It is our hope that junior life savers will realise their full potential not just as athletes, but as confident, motivated and passionate individuals and future leaders within our community.

If you choose to refinance your loan with Newcastle Permanent please nominate our Club.

Newcastle Permanent

Newcastle Permanent


Whenever you purchase drinks or meals at Sawtell Hotel present your Supporting Sport Card at the time of payment. Please contact the Club if you do not have one.
Sawtell Hotel

Sawtell Hotel (2)


Village Sports organises sporting events for all ages and abilities whilst raising money for local charities. Sawtell SLSC willingly assists by way of providing water safety and in return receives a donation.
Village Sports
village sportsVillage Sports


Many thanks to those members who nominate Sawtell SLSC as a worthy recipient of donations from these various schemes.